The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Mahatma Ghandi

Flashes of Hope:

One of my very favorite ways to share love through photography is to give back to the local community! I also have a huge passion for children... So, when a friend approached me about donating my gift of photography to Flashes of Hope, I didn't even think twice! I have worked with Flashes of Hope on several projects and every time I walk away with such a full heart. As one of the photographer volunteers, I am on site to provide the families with a moment to shine, let go of the stress of life, and enjoy the spotlight. The photos below are a very small glimpse into an amazingly beautiful experience. I cannot wait for the next opportunity to reconnect with Flashes of Hope. 

*If you are interested in learning more about your local Flashes of Hope chapter, please visit

CrossFit and Fitness Events:

I am a true believer in leading a healthy lifestyle and having access to a strong fitness community. As an active member of the CrossFit community, I have had the pleasure of capturing many incredible moments of determination and fitness fortitude! If you haven't experienced a workout at your local CrossFit, find one! It's worth a shot at least once in life. By the way, these athletes can really have some superior fun and exercise at the same time!

Project Momentum Fitness:

I have connected with some amazing organizations along my journey as a photographer. Project Momentum Fitness is a local non-profit organization created to provide extraordinary health and fitness support for individuals with exceptional needs. The wonderful Dr. Amanda Kloo created the organization to provide an avenue for merging functional fitness and families or individuals with exceptional needs. Interested in learning more? Check out